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Fury Language screenshots
Fury Language screenshots

Freecorp Fury Language is a free software (it means you have the source code and you can modify it) that you can use to learn many kinds of lists.

It contains some French/English vocabulary files, for example, but also a list of countries and capitals of the world. The learning files always evolve, such as the program itself, which will eventually be able to be used as a dictionary. You can find more details on the Description page.

You can save your mistakes in the end of your test, so that the next time, you will only test the words you don't know yet, thus learn your files very efficiently! This software is perfect for students who regularly have to learn vocabulary lists.

On top of that, you can use FuryLab, a part of this site dedicated to producing learning files : it is a wiki, which means you can modify it directly, adding words, or correcting the files. This is exactly the "free software" spirit : you are offered a wide content you can yourself improve if you like!

So you can rush right know to the Download page to discover Freecorp Fury Language, version, issued on June 6th, 2005!

Linux  For Linux users:

Fury Language is not available for Linux, but we advise you to use one of the KDE Edutainment programs that work with kvtml files. Indeed, Freecorp Fury Language can convert this format to its own, and Fic2Kvtml can convert from the Fury Language format to Kvtml.

Latest news :

You can have the latest news in French on our weblog blog Freecorp. If you want to have those news in English, just contact us and we will translate our blog too.