FuryLab and the learning files for Fury Language

FuryLab, the learning files laboratory

This is where learning files are built, corrected, improved... You can participate too! The "wiki" is only in French for the moment, but you can create English pages yourself if you want. When the learning files in FuryLab are ready, they join the files pack you can download just down here.

So try FuryLab right now!

You can now also test our online-application to test yourself on our Vocabulary Files (or yours if you contribute to the website) : Fury Language -Online!-.

Another source for learning files

You can also go to this website which contains many vocabulary learning files for the KDE Edutainment Project. A converter has been programmed to transform those files into Fury Language ones. It is available since Fury Language, version 0.1.9.

A Fury Language files pack

Pack of files from FuryLab (07/05/2005, 66Ko) : those files are mostly for French people, but there are some English/French vocabulary lists, sorted by topic.

Be careful! If you share these files, you can still do it under this Creative Commons license, but you have to mention the copyright this way:
"© AUTHOR - furylanguage.com"
AUTHOR is the name written just after "AUT :" in the file title (its first line, when you open it with a text editor).