Download Freecorp Fury Language

Latest version of Freecorp Fury Language for Windows XP/NT/2000

Fury Language, version (06/06/2005) : 5,14 Mb (with a French tutorial).

A Lite version of the program (without the French tutorial, 1.2Mb) is available on the page of Fury Language by SourceForge.

Some learning files coming from Fury Lab, the learning files workshop, will also be installed.
As Fury Language is a free software, its source code will also be installed. You can modify it under the BSD-Lite license, using Borland Delphi. This code uses the unicode TNT components you can download here.

Fury Language -Online!-, Version 0.1 (06/04/2005) : go there to have an overview of all the vocabulary files from the Fury Lab. This program is based on the javascript code for the test engine from

Linux Converter

Fic2Kvtml 1.0 (29/04/2005) : a basic converter from the Fury Language format (.fic) to the Kvtml format, programmed by Marc Mezzarobba, and in the public domain. This program works on any system with Perl installed, so, in particular, Linux. To convert the file /home/user/EngFraSomeTopic.fic for example, you go to the folder where you have downloaded and you type in a console :
perl /home/user/EngFraSomeTopic.fic >> /home/user/EngFraSomeTopic.kvtml

Fury Language and Windows 95/98/Me

Fury Language does not work on Windows 95/98/Me, as these systems do not directly support Unicode. The components we use to deal with Unicode, by TNT Ware, have a different behaviour on these systems, and on Windows XP/NT/2000. Unfortunately, one of the components has a bug when used on 95/98/Me. It has been reported to them and we expect a correction soon to ensure compatibility.